Happy BBB Day!

Happy BBB Day! What’s that you say? It’s Thanksgiving!? What the heck is BBB Day? Let me explain-and while we’re at it Happy Thanksgiving!

BBB Day was Saturday, November 22nd. It started on the Thursday before, when we told our son Ben that we had a surprise for him on Saturday. We told him it was BBB Day! We asked him if he had any guesses as to what BBB Day was, or what all those B’s stood for. Being only 4.5 years old, he did get one of them correct “B is for Ben” he said…and he was right!  Do you know what the rest of those B’s stand for? Drum roll please…..They stand for Ben is Going to Be A Big Brother! Yes, you read that right, we are going to have a baby!!  Ben will become a Big Brother Benjamin the very first week of June, 2015. We are thrilled to be expanding our little family of 3 to 4!

Another baby has always been in the plan but ever since having Ben enter the world in the dramatic (and frankly traumatic-to me anyway) way he did I just couldn’t wrap my mind around actually having another baby. But finally, as my baby started to slip from babyhood to toddler hood and now into a preschooler (soon to be Kindergartener!), somehow it just seemed right. I feel like we gave him a gift of both being an “only child” for the first and very formative years of his life and now an even greater gift of having someone to commiserate with when he gets older about his crazy parents and to hopefully spend holidays with down the road.

Here are a few photos of BBB Day. I searched high and low on the interwebs, even Pinterest for creative ways to tell your child they will become a big brother (or big sister even) and I couldn’t find anything really worth wile…So, I took it upon myself to invent BBB Day. We started the day with balloons lining the stairs to his room-of course I sharpied big B’s and the words Happy B B B Day on to them. And followed it up with B shaped Pancakes for breakfast. We talked a little bit about what all those B’s might mean, looked through his baby book and then told him we were going to visit Santa (Santa was flying in and landing at our local Great Wolf Lodge on a Coast Guard Helicopter-not to be missed if you are 4) and that after visiting Santa we had a special surprise and a gift for him-and that we would tell him what BBB Day stood for.

IMG_3730 IMG_3725IMG_3724

When we arrived home, I was excited. I tried to keep my expectations of his reaction kind of low as he is only 4.5 and may not be all that excited about sharing his mom and dad with someone new. (I may have even cried a little the night before envisioning the worst…) So to ensure a happy ending after buying a book the day prior (I had to search high and low for a book that didn’t tell him we had a new baby but we were going to eventually have a new baby-I came up with the book Mummy, Mummy What’s In Your Tummy?) I also ran out that night and bought him a firetruck Lego set as a gift to him from “his baby”. So, we read the book first and then gave him his gift (he saw the wrapped gift that morning in my closet-little snoop)…here is a link to a cute (kinda long-7 min) video of the whole thing. *I’m pretty glad I bought him the Lego set from the baby because that is what he tells everyone and that is what he thought was really “cool”. In the weeks leading up to telling him, we slipped in books from the library about becoming a big brother-like Froggies Baby Sister and The Bearnstein Beans New Baby-both of which he seemed to love…we also talked about if there was anyone he knew that was a big brother or a big sister and what he thought about that.

IMG_3755 IMG_3756 IMG_3757

We ended the day by taking him to our favorite restaurant Pearls-I had been craving their Crawfish Enchiladas for days! He loved the restaurant, ate all of his Bayou Burger and even made me cry during dinner by leaning over and telling the baby he loved it, right into my tummy. Ryan caught it in these photos 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Stephanie (Ryan, Ben and Baby)



Happy BBB Day!

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