A Christmas Treedition


We have a tradition of getting our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. For the past 8 years or so we have been going to the same U Cut Christmas tree farm. We take our sleds, blankets, extra mittens and hats and of course hot chocolate and cookies! The thing about this U Cut place is that it is an abandoned way over grown tree farm. All of the trees are really big and getting bigger with each passing year. The proceeds all go to help needy families so the tad of guilt I feel when we cut down a huge tree, only to take the top is lessened a little and I’m always sure to take lots of extra branches from the base to make a couple of wreaths and swags both for us and for friends. Plus, this tree gets to be a Christmas tree and isn’t that what it always wanted to be anyway 😉 sounds like the making of a good children’s book to me!

IMG_3774Since the top of the trees were covered in snow, Ryan had to shake the tree (“like a bear” said Ben) to be sure the tree was good-looking on all sides (and to make sure no raccoons were up there-haha) much to Ben’s delight they both got covered in snow.

IMG_3776IMG_3781and much to Ryan’s delight he got to use a chain saw. and to mine, no raccoons.IMG_3785IMG_3791

Peppermint hot chocolate bribe break.

The bows for the wreaths and Ben asking if the baby was having fun and if it was cold 🙂IMG_3794

We seem to have become experts at taking a look waaaay up to the top of the tree in order to spot our perfect tree-we always go for a blue spruce about 8 feet tall- some years, we have taken an hour or more to find our tree. This year, it was the first tree we spotted about ten minutes in and it is a beauty!

We took it home and decorated it that night while listening to Jimmy Buffett Christmas Island, Michael Buble holiday tunes and a Christmas mix of old timey songs I made on Spotify. It was a pretty great way to kick off the Christmas holiday season and our tree looks lovely. Now to keep the kitten from climbing it! so far so good…I will officially introduce you to our new kitten later this week, she’s pretty cute!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and I sure hope you did too!



A Christmas Treedition

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