Loss and Love, a Kitten Love Story.


Back in early September we came to the end of a long struggle to keep our very first “baby” alive. Our much loved cat, Sullivan “Sully” of 12 years had to finally be put to sleep. It was pretty devastating time for us. We loved the heck out of that cat. At one point he was 22 pounds of love. I remember when we first brought him home (to our apartment that was not supposed to have pets) he was so tiny we called him two pet Sully, because he was so small you could only pet him with two fingers. That cat was so loved that before we had Ben, Ryan was actually caught showing new friends of ours a photo album of back when he was a kitten-ha. When the time came to say goodbye, we knew it was the right thing to do…it was just the hardest thing. One of the hardest things as an adult I/we have had to do. So when we actually started to consider getting another cat, we really had to give it some thought. After a lot of talking and thinking (and Ben asking for a kitten) we decided to visit the Human Society to take a look (we called ahead to be sure there were plenty of kittens to look at, I don’t think Ben or I could have left empty handed and a big older cat was not really what we had in mind). I knew I really wanted an orange kitten, low and behold she was right there when we walked in. We picked her out and asked to take her to one of the rooms to play with her. We were pretty smitten with our kitten from the moment we saw her. To be honest Ben had a name all picked out even before we got our new kitten, we thought it was pretty adorable so we went with it. Ladies and gentlemen meet Fisher.

IMG_3680The first moment holding Fisher in the Human Society.




IMG_3827She is the most easy going kitten. She lets Ben do just about anything with her. He even built her into his block fort the other day and she was cool with that. She fits in pretty well, she is one lucky little lady and the cuteness of Ben and his kitten is pretty much the best.

The one question we just can’t decide on is to declaw or not to declaw. I grew up with cats that were but it just sounds so cruel. Then again, when I hear her nails and see her climbing up my couch…I tend to think about doing it. What to do…what to do? Do you guys have any ideas? Did you or do you have a cat that is not declawed and did they ruin your couch/other furniture or can you teach them not to scratch at it? I think we are leaning toward not.  I’d love to hear from you.






Loss and Love, a Kitten Love Story.

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