Ho Ho How is it Almost Christmas!!

IMG_3873 IMG_3879You guys! I am not sure if it’s that I am busy growing a baby or what but how did it all the sudden it become Christmas in like 12 days! I was doing so good, or at least in my mind I was. We shopped for Ben weeks ago and he is all set…I had huge intentions of using the extra bows from our Christmas tree to make into wreaths which I do every year and I even wanted to drop a couple off to friends who I know could use some holiday cheer…these festive lug boxes are as far as I got-in all fairness they are pretty cute but goodness, each time I see them I think  Must. Make. Wreath. So, this weekend  Make A Wreath is top of my to do list, along with See Santa, Donate Gifts and wrap up all of my shopping for family. I kinda feel like this:

IMG_3821Are you guys as surprised as me or what…stop it time. Just stop it. Flying by this quick is not cool.

Hope you have a merry, festive, and slowed down weekend and that you can wrap up all your last to dos.




Ho Ho How is it Almost Christmas!!

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