Merry Merry Happy Happy

The name of this blog should be called the once a week greind 🙂 Ha. I have big intentions of blogging more regularly and both growing and making this blog more integrated with social media in 2015…

A  new favorite place in our house has been in our bed, specifically inside my awesome nest of a pregnancy pillow this is Ben’s favorite spot (sick or not-photo below is of him  and Fisher the devil kitten watching his favorite and only movie he will sit through and actually watch, Planes, Fire and Rescue-during last weeks bought with a cold). Turns out our queen size bed has a pillow fit for a queen, but seems not to hold the entire kingdom-its a bit tight to say the least when we all pile in for a snuggle. but cozy. cozy is good. This pillow is great. I have no idea how I survived without one when I was pregnant with Ben.


We have been baking Christmas cookies and giving them to neighbors and our favorite mailman and eating way too many ourselves…We made sugar cookies-one of my least favorite thing the whole world to do is frost sugar cookies (isn’t that so not mom like!) So I made these (no bake) amazing chocolate, coconut, peanut butter balls-they are SO good! and left the baking the frosting to Ryan and Ben. I think Ben is going to turn out like me-not loving the whole cookie baking/frosting thing….we do enjoying eating them though~hey, maybe they will “help” me fit into these maternity pants I broke out today-they are a wee bit big and I have had to pull them up all day long but boy are they comfy…at 17+ weeks my jeans were starting to get tight-but not tight enough to wear falling down prego pants…where’s the chips and dill dip (my craving! along with Schuler’s bar cheese and crackers and ice water with limes) maybe that will help me fit into these oh so comfy pants. Just kidding. That is not the goal. I actually have been doing really good continuing to work out a few times a week since we joined the YMCA and they offer free child care that Ben loves (bonus!). I also have a 5k to run that I am signed up for (in my mind-registration is not open yet) called the Harvest Stompede the first week of September 2015-which will be just 12 weeks after I have this baby-so maybe I should lay off the chips and dill dip… and Christmas cookies 🙂 but then again….

Ryan and I had a little date night last night. My mom and dad took Ben overnight so we could wrap up Christmas here at Casa Del Greiner-mostly get everything out and see what we had…we ended up thinking that while it looked like an awesome Christmas, we needed to “top it off” with just a few extra things. So we ran some cookies to a sweet neighbor, went out to a quick (and delish) Mexican dinner and then hit up the toy isle one last time. We ended up with some small things and a nice big awesome sled. His face will be sheer delight this year-I can’t wait. We came home and wrapped all the presents while watching Elf 🙂 Boy is it a lot of work to separate the Santa gifts from the mom and dad gifts and get them into their own wrapping paper. This is the first year for that-the whole Santa Paper thing-all the past years he wouldn’t have noticed, but he is way observant so we went there this year.

Here is Ben waiting to see Santa (he had his face painted that morning with a Reindeer nose at a toy donation we had just come from-hence the nose glitter). He was so excited to tell Santa about the Legos he wants. It’s ALL about Legos at our house this year!



I hope you have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy holiday! And that you get that one little glimmer of a chance to relive the magic-I certainly am with Ben’s over the top excitement and I love it! 4.5 is a great age for Christmas magic!





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