3 Days In and Nearly Half Way There!


The third day of the New Year…so far so good. I am nearly half way through this pregnancy, which is great! It has really flown by and I have been feeling pretty darn good. In the next couple of weeks we get to find out Boy or Girl. I think Girl, so does Ben and Ryan thinks Boy…We shall see.

This holiday break has brought lots of sleeping, sledding and swimming. I feel like our membership to the YMCA is a great deal, we go so often to swim and use the gym and childcare-at least 3 times a week-sometimes twice in one day! We laugh that it is like a country club for families…the Who’s Who of Traverse City, except we are all clad in spandex and workout gear. lovely. You know the saying, “those who wear spandex together…um… ” haha.

Santa brought us a new flat screen TV and a Roku stick for Christmas, which has been a huge upgrade from our no TV that we have had for the last 6+ months..we still watched shows on our computer (I love Modern Family!) when we had some time to spare at night, but it’s nice to see that we tend to keep the TV mostly off -it’s also a welcome addition to when I feel lazy, there’s something about clicking around that I love-I have ADD TV watching, I love to click and click..that’s a thing-it’s got to be a thing. The cool part is that we can watch Youtube on this new TV. Ben loves to watch Lego reviews by Jangbricks and I love to watch S/V Delos sailing videos (nudity, booze,sailing, tropics and good looking people make for my kind of TV watching). And Ryan gets his dose of sports after I head to bed early most nights or during our deal of if I am awake and he wants to watch sports he can, as long as he gives me a foot rub. and it’s all free to watch.win win win.

During this break I have managed to sneak in some reading-this was lovely. I read the entire book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It was awesome. Tonight we are going to see the movie, which I hear is great as well! It is all about a young woman overcoming obstacles in her life by walking alone along the Pacific Crest Trail, which stretches from Mexico to Canada. 2014 was filled with obstacles for me-mostly in the relationship department…while I am not walking or hiking a trail alone, the mere thought of it makes me want adventure for our family even more. That is on tap for 2016. Adventure bound. 2015 is for getting US back on track and growing this little family of 3 to what seems like a nice rounded out family of 4 and keeping up the awesome momentum that our art studio has built up. neverwonder3.com has started to work internationally and with major aquariums! We are so proud of our art stickers & studio and hope that someday soon we can push print on the stickers from the Islands. After the movie tonight Ryan and I are going out to dinner to have a business planning meeting for 2015. On tap are 10 more Art Stickers-a couple for runners, various other states and more animals/sea life. It’s going to be a big big year for our studio!

We are off to enjoy this morning by doing what Northern Michigan kids do best-gear up in all their warmest outdoor stuff and head to the local school to sled and slide with friends! I hope your new year is off to a great start.


Cheers to 2015 and all the good things it will bring~

xx Stephanie

3 Days In and Nearly Half Way There!

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