It’s not a kitten…


A few weeks ago I asked Ben what he thought we were having, he said “I hope it’s a sister…or a kitten” that cracked me up. I am happy to report it is NOTΒ a kitten πŸ™‚

This time I decided that I wanted to be surprised a little-not like wait the whole pregnancy surprised (my type A personality couldn’t handle that!) but not know from the ultrasound stranger tech…I asked her to please write it down in a special card I brought with me-which happened to be one of our wedding invites that I kept (yay Paperworks for their beautiful paper!). She of course agreed πŸ™‚ Ryan and I wanted to give this baby something special on our “special beach”-Empire Beach in Empire MI. This is special to us because this is the beach where we got engaged 11+ years ago, this is also the beach that I told Ryan I was pregnant with Ben (when we were wave jumping in August 2009-he nearly drowned when I told him!) so we thought it would be nice for this little one to have a special story about this beach of their own.

IMG_4201 Β IMG_4202

So we bundled up and drove out to the beach, it was a warm 22 degrees (um it was freezing) and opened up the surprise standing out on the frozen shore. What a wonderful way to find out! It was like opening a present that I had no idea what it was-and I am a HUGE snoop! So surprising me is super hard πŸ™‚


A mothers intuition, I knew it all along-it’s a GIRL! We are thrilled to welcome our little lady in June. June 5th is her due date but we can go in to have her up to a week before (unless she decides to come earlier), I am thinking June 2nd sounds like a good birthday!

With both Ben and this new little lady I had dreams early on in my pregnancy that were very vivid. Ben was clearly a blonde little boy,and he looks just like he did in my dream. And with this one, I had another dream-it was clearly a little girl. All along I have felt so different than when I was pregnant with Ben, so that dream combined with a dream like pregnancy (so far) made me think it was totally a girl. I have actually felt good -good to the point that some days it’s Β like, wait a minute maybe feeling good it not a good sign…I am happy to report that everything looked great on the ultrasound!

Benji was so excited when we told him he was getting a sister-look at this face!!


It is so precious that he is so pumped. He’s already picking out the Legos she “needs” for her room. I guess if they would have made these Lego friends Legos when I was little I would have been way more into Legos…

These last couple of weeks I have had some mixed emotions about finding out. I just couldn’t imagine if it were a boy that he could ever live up to how cool and amazing our Benji is! And either way, boy or girl I just started to worry that I have had my little man in my life-just him-for the last 4.75 years and I have given him my full attention and still the years have gone by SO FAST. What will happen when there is another little one to watch grow?! Will I miss anything with Ben?! The mere thought of that brings tears to my eyes. I know it is cliche, but how could I possibly love someone as much as I love him? of course I can, of course your love grows-but does it really? Or is that just like saying to your kids “I love you both the same” I am sure you have to love one more than the other….right? No? Yes? Different ones at different times…Hummmm…..

still these thoughts consume me if I let them…but I won’t, I am off to troll the etsy stores for some cute wall art for her room and I already have her paint colors picked out-yes there will be a pink wall with glitter (have you seen this amazing glitter add in!! so cool) and I have big plans to kick Ryan out of his office to make it the nursery-he now has plans to finish off the basement…So if you need him, he will be busy painting walls glittery pink (one wall people not all of them, that would be overkill) and dry walling the basement πŸ™‚ He also joked that she will need to have her own sticker made to cover all the “girly”expenses-I said a sweet looking high heel would sell so get to it! and I have to report, I am already feeling my heart grow so maybe what they say is right on.

As for a name, I might share that before the birth…but for now I will just say that once we knew it was a girl all the questions surrounding a name just vanished and we were like-yes, that’s it. It’s perfect. And we already have her nick name picked out-it’s GG (like Gigi) if that gives you a hint at the first name-it obviously starts with G. So cheers to sweet lady baby G! We are so looking forward to meeting you (and shopping for you!).



PS-for the record, check out this ice formation at Empire beach-we swim in this water in just a few short weeks! BURRR!


It’s not a kitten…

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