Crafts with my Love Bug

IMG_4296Happy almost Valentines Day! I may have had my front door heart wreath up for the last 6 weeks but I sure am behind in showing you some crafts Ben and I have done to decorate inside for Valentines!

We were bit by a little love bug in our house this week, Ben’s pretty sure that he got sick from “the stapler at school, they probably don’t wash it” Ha-he loves that stapler (and tape and popsicle sticks in his preschool art area). The good news is that on the day of his Valentines Day party-yesterday- (he only goes Tuesday/Thursdays) he was not going to school because he was way to sick…it ended up being a SNOW DAY…actually it was more like a WIND CHILL/Schools Closed Day (yes, we live in a place where it is to cold to go to school some days)-so his party is on for next week and he can be there! My mom heart was so happy he didn’t have to miss out!

We are on the mend over here today so I finally have some time to show you how to make the cutest little crafts-these are virtually free (my fav kind of craft) and I’m willing to bet you can find most if not all of these things in your kids art area and the good news is with a little tweaking you can make these into Easter Pom Poms and garland (think different color yarn and make egg shapes out of the pipe cleaners!)

Today I will show you how to make a crochet pom pom chain and a pipe cleaner heart garland.


First up the Crochet Pom Pom Garland:

Grab your materials…

For Both Projects You will need:


Yarn, a crochet hook (Any size), Pipe cleaners, Bakers Twine or colored yarn to string pom poms on, Washi Tape.


First step: Chain about a 2-3 foot chain.


Then go ahead and pick up every tenth or so chain until you reach back to the beginning. It should look like this * hint, the longer you make your chain the “fluffier” your pom pom will be:


Then take the loose end of your yarn and hook it on the end of your crochet hook and start looping off each one you just looped on, all at one time, just keep sliding them off over the end hooked piece of yarn (confused? sorry-give it a try and you can do it)-do this until they are all off your crochet hook. It should begin to look like this:


Once you have the whole chain looped over the yarn and off the hook-you’re done! Tie the loose ends together and voila! You have one pom pom. Now repeat until you have as many as you’d like to place on your garland. I used red and white yarn for Valentines Day. Ben told me it looked like Christmas…so maybe I should have gone for Purple or Pink in there…




Since I made this extra one to show you how to do this I made it into a Hair Tie Pom Pom for Benjis little Lady Friend (I think I will tie on a pink and a white one too to add volume)

Here’s how I made the Hair Tie Pom Pom (SO CUTE and SO EASY):

IMG_4340 IMG_4342

And here is a really quick one: Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland!


Start by taking your pipe cleaner and bending it in half to create a V. Next step is to bend in the edges to meet in the middle and cross them over each other.



Now, twist the ends together. This will create your hearts.


Next step is to make the arrow. Same process, bend in the middle to create a V. Then bend in the sides on either side of the v-about an inch away from the pointy part of the V. This will form your arrow end. Then twist the pipe cleaner around itself and open it on the ends. Done.


Now, take your hearts and your arrows and wrap the arrow through the heart.


Next step is to take your bakers twine (or whatever you have on hand as string) and tie it around each heart. In the middle of the hearts you can fold over your washi tape and make mini flags.

IMG_4339You can make this garland as long as you’d like…



We hope you have a Happy Valentines Day! We have one of my best friends birthday party on tap for tonight and this weekend is a really fun winter weekend downtown! There is an outdoor ferris wheel, 18 holes of frozen mini golf, a tube run and much more-along with many famous comedians (It’s called Comedy Arts Festival). We should end up downtown at some point but the weather man is calling for major negative 0 temps with windchill so you never know. I do know we have a special family date planned to create a terrarium at this great new plant shop and we are making my favorite dinner-perch with coleslaw and oven fries! mmm.

Happy Crafting!




Crafts with my Love Bug

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