Saying Yes when I wanted to say No


Benjamin attends preschool twice a week, just two half days. He loves it so much and Ryan and I do too. It is the perfect amount of time to have sans child to get stuff done, so Tuesday and Thursday mornings are busy to say the least. I work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Ryan runs our studio business (everyday)- but he makes good use of that time in the morning on Tues and Thurs to make lots of follow up calls to our retailers and I use that time to work uninterrupted. Sometimes we might go to a doctors apt for the baby or get to sneak into the gym together (rare) or one of us may have a work meeting to attend or a call pre set. We often use this time to talk studio business, make calls and work-all simultaneously…Tuesday and Thursday mornings are for gettin s*it done around here! We are busy and so is Ben- it works great.

The other day Ben asked me-just me-if I could come to his show and share this week.  While I was flattered (he got some major mom points)  to be honest, I was mostly like really little dude-really? I mean I know your toys, I bought you your toys…I am super busy (It was one of those days that I had a meeting to attend in the morning). But instead of saying anything other than showing him a big smile and acting thrilled that he asked me I said, let me email your teacher and ask what time your show and share is. My meeting was at 11. She wrote back welcoming me and said show and share was at 10:45…um, that’s cutting it close. Rather than telling him no, I was to busy (which may have crossed my mind again)  I said sure, I would love to. And I am so glad I did.

When I got there this morning I wondered how he would act -would he be excited? would he be indifferent and act like he didn’t know why I was there? would it be worth my running around and taking time out of my busy day?! You guys, his reaction when he saw me walk in the room (as he sat there at those cute little tables, with his cute little buddies) was nothing short of my favorite thing ever (it was close to his reaction on Christmas morning when he saw the tree, hey I said it was close 😉 ). I felt so loved. I could tell he felt so loved. In that moment I was SO happy I said yes. I think the time I was there totaled maybe 22 minutes but to him it was the world. He thanked me all day long and was thrilled when I mentioned at bedtime tonight that perhaps I could volunteer to help out again before this year is over.

He made my whole day and I made his in just those 22 min I spent with him. The moral of my Imsobusy story is that we all know that time fly’s at warp speed and we are all so busy, but sometimes all you need to do is say yes to just a few minutes-even to something that seems like it might not be that important, something you might even rather say no to… and it will provide memories that will last a lifetime. I am SO glad I said yes to my little man when it would have been so much easier to say no.

*If you’re wondering what he chose for show and share…wait for it…a Shamrock Green Beanie Baby! What the heck is all I could think. Along with thanks (to my) Mom for giving him like three Beanie babies this weekend. Ugh. I asked him if he really wanted to take that, when he has so many other really cool toys! (That are not Beanie babies!). He hugged it close and said “yes mom I really want to take Mr. Bear”. Okay then. He also took a post office box and drew  Mr. Bear a habitat-a cave, with a tree- and took that along with Mr. Bear. The kids loved it. HA! Beanie babies-remember those. oh man. And Mom, if you’re reading this NO MORE BEANIE BABIES from the early 90’s – you keep em at your house okay?! 🙂

Saying Yes when I wanted to say No

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