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The months are flying by…the years too for that matter. I know, I know. That’s what everyone says. But my little man will turn 5 (!!) at the end of this month and baby GiGi will be here on June 3rd (unless she has other plans to come early). Some days I need it all to just slooooow down. And those other days (you know the ones) bedtime can’t come soon enough-mostly those days are few and far between and I am left wondering where the day went.

IMG_4572 (2)

Easter was fun, the highlight was that the Easter Bunny brought Ben a new big boy bike. His other little bike his knees where hitting the handle bars. The really cool thing is that we taught him to ride on a coaster bike he got when he was 2 (for Easter) so he learned to balance and has never used training wheels! It’s quite fun to watch him ride, and watch other peoples reactions to this little boy on a big boy bike. He rode to school today! Fun fact: we have driven him maybe once this year due to pouring down rain but everyday-even -20 in blizzards we sledded, rode on Daddy’s “shouldies”, wagon rode or now biked. That is the beauty of living in town and close to school. And having a hearty Michigan kiddo.


I have been able to take some time to read at night. One of the books I am really enjoying is called One Year Off. This book is a great inspiration, as our family will be doing this same thing in the next couple of years. It is about a family who had a great life, huge house-private schools, great jobs and lots of kids…and just wanted more out of life…so, they sold it all packed up and traveled the world for a year+ with the whole family-ages 2-16. (Also, if you think you might like that book I am also listening to the podcasts on the Family Adventure website while I work out (which has gone from running on the treadmill to now riding the sit down bike πŸ™‚ )man some of those interviews really get me going-like let’s go NOW! and of course I am watching the sv Delos youtube videos is always a great motivator and some nice eye candy). If you’re dreaming of a family adventure check these out too. The other book I am reading is Amy Poehler’s-Yes Please. So far it is pretty great. Both books seem to really grab my attention and each time I pick them up a huge chunk of pages get gobbled up. I am one of those multiple book readers at a time-some days I just feel like reading one thing or the other…are you like that? or do you pick one book and read it until you’re all done waiting to start another? If you do, you probably watch TV shows until the end-I flip all around πŸ™‚ not that I actually flip channels anymore #streamingtv


I am looking forward to spending the summer with my babies-my maternity leave has been scheduled for mid May to early September! Β (look how prego I am in the photo above, this was taken two weeks ago at a children’s event, just a few more weeks to go!)… The baby nursery is getting there…the lighting and artwork will go up this weekend. We did an art trade with a local photographer (actually she is a Dr, but she could be famous for her photographs-she has a Β brilliant eye!) and both Ryan and my mom are busy making paintings for her room-I asked Mimi to make 3 small paintings: a cupcake, an ice cream cone and a piece of cake/pie and her Daddy will be doing his artwork to a few stars that will grace her pink glitter wall πŸ™‚ This is the light I bought, I hope it looks as good as I think it will and the paper star lantern should be fun and good low light for the nighttime wake ups ( I got Ben this one for his room). The stroller situation is driving me mad. Our Bob stroller was our favorite and low and behold they got bought out and everything about our 5 year old stroller is now obsolete. Finding a car a seat and attachment bar is proving to be a time suck and I have put the Bob on craigslist in hopes that it will sell fast so I can buy this beauty-a new Bumbleride jogger (isn’t she SO pretty!). It has a universal car seat adapter which will be such a helpful thing and it’s way prettier than the Bob could ever be. I think Bobs are now like the Bumbleride’s ugly cousin.Ha. I mean, it’s a beauty you should buy it πŸ˜‰ And I finally ordered my Ergo-I sold my other one, back when I was “sure I was never having another Kid” (then I woke up and saw my baby going to kindergarten and was all like #givemeallthebabies).

And that ends my random post…just a drop of some of what’s going on in my world. Any other baby gear that’s new and you love I would be happy to know about-feel free to leave a comment. It seems like just in the last 5 years the gear has gotten way cooler πŸ™‚ Also, any tips on mixed feeding and positive cesarean stories are appreciate (my first was an emergency after laboring for days-this one is scheduled and I hear it’s way different-#butinmyminditsnot)…

Have a great one!



Around Here….

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